Podcast "breaking paradigms"

A podcast where we talk about global perspectives on spatial planning in practice and theory

The podcast “breaking paradigms” is a collaborative effort of Constanze Frech and Sarah Kusché. It focuses on all things spatial planning, especially regarding knowledge transfer and non-European practices and theories. Every 30-minute episode centers around a different topic and should give insights and perspectives on both theory and practice. Our goal is to be educational for those still studying and already in the professional field. We seek to collaborate with experts in their respective fields from all continents and build a platform to exchange niche subjects and start a conversation.


The Hospital

location, efficiency and quality - the planning perspective

In this episode we talked with Hannes Frech and Constanze Frech about their experiences of hospitals from a planning perspective. They shared about their experience in hospitals in Austria, the challenges and opportunities from the perspective of smaller rural hospitals to the biggest hospital of the country in Vienna, Austria. What makes the health care system in your country challenging and what do you see as well done? Let us know in the comments.

Erschienen: 08.05.2021
Dauer: 00:34:15

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Can planners influence public health?

We are embarking on a series all around public health and spatial planning. In this episode we are explaining some basic concepts and challenges. Tell us in the comments what aspect peaks your interest!

Erschienen: 15.04.2021
Dauer: 00:12:20

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Crime prevention through environmental design

with Dr. Macarena Rau

In this episode we will explore the principles of Crime Prevention through environmental design (CPTED). With Dr. Macarena Rau, we will look at its principles and how it is implemented.

Erschienen: 16.03.2021
Dauer: 00:19:33

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Between hostile & defensible design

a historical and international look

Where do you draw the line? In this episode, we look at the historic routes and international dimensions of hostile design and defensible architecture. Let us know: What would you say? What makes a measure hostile to you? Have you noticed any in your city or town?

Erschienen: 01.03.2021
Dauer: 00:11:55

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Hostile city design

We explore what happens when cities, buildings, and public spaces are specifically designed to antagonize! And share approaches that try to circumvent hostile or defensive architecture.

Erschienen: 15.02.2021
Dauer: 00:21:45

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Live: Markets & the city

Eat the city

This episode is all about markets, how they influence the city, and how cities influence markets.

Erschienen: 16.11.2020
Dauer: 00:58:31

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Live: Eat the city - Food in urban spaces

What roles does food play in urban spaces?

We discuss all things food and public urban space.

Erschienen: 15.10.2020
Dauer: 00:31:10

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Live: Science Communication - Quo Vadis?

To wrap up “curriculum extended” we are taking a stern look at science communication. We talk about our experiences and the effects in spatial planning.

Erschienen: 29.07.2020
Dauer: 01:19:02

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Forgotten Cities - Great Zimbabwe

An episode about historical sites, which are rarely known - forgotten cities.

In this episode we talk about historical sites, which are rarely known - forgotten cities. We take a closer look at Great Zimbabwe, one of the most globally significant archaeological sites in Africa.

Erschienen: 20.07.2020
Dauer: 00:15:19

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Vernacular Architecture

In this episode we talk about vernacular architecture around the world. We talked with Bouchra Idrissi of the Africa Innovation Network about the definitions, advantages and challenges of vernacular architecture.

Erschienen: 29.06.2020
Dauer: 00:19:27

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Podcast "breaking paradigms"