Let's Talk About Stress & Stress Regulation

Interview with Dr. Lydia Kogler

Podcast: Let's Talk About Women

Erschienen: 18.01.2024
Dauer: 58:55

With our first episode in 2024, we are back and ready to talk about stress and stress regulation! In this episode PhD candidate Franziska Weinmar hosts Dr. Lydia Kogler, a clinical psychologist by training, expert on the neuroscience of stress and associate of the IRTG2804. Together they dive into the complex world of stress and stress regulation - especially if and how women and men differ in this regard. To this end, this episode leaves us with more insights, a suggestion on how to improve our resilience to stress, and curiosity for future talks on this topic!Stress is part of our everyday life. But what does stress mean and how does the body react to stress? In this episode Lydia explains:01:21: What is stress? (01:21)05:30: How does the stress response leads to behavioural and endocrine adaptations?08:28: The role of cortisol11:49: How do we induce stress in the lab?14:22: What neurological changes come with stress?15:34: How chronic stress affects the body...18:58: ... and mental healthNext, Lydia talks about sex/gender differences:22:58: Sex differences in the stress response...26:25: ... its neural basis....27:17: ... and psychological effects28:00 Sex differences in stress related disorders30:18: Reasons behind sex differences33:50: Consequences of sex differences in stress response35:15: Why is it important to look into sex differences?39:24: Mechanisms of stress regulation44:49: How self-esteem influences the stress response49:00: Sex differences on a neuronal level...50:03: ... and a hormonal level50:18: Implications of coping mechanisms52:00: Summary54:57: What is the next question to ask about sex/gender differences in stress response or regulation, especially considering female-specific processes? Many thanks to Anna Denninger for contributing to this episode!Sound recording: Franziska Weinmar with the equipment of the IRTG2804Editing: Franziska WeinmarDo you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions? Get in touch with us: irtg2804.podcast@gmail.comAre you intrigued by this topic and want to be kept updated? Follow us on twitter: @irtg2804 or instagram: @irtg2804 Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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