Doctor it! Episode 11 – Careers after the PhD

Podcast: Doctor it!

Erschienen: 03.05.2023
Dauer: 34:55

What happens when you graduate from a doctoral programme? Tune in to episode 11 of “Doctor it!” and find out about career opportunities after completing a PhD in the social sciences or the humanities. Our host Aayu KC talks to Faime Alpagu from the Department of Communication and Dominik Hagmann from the Department of Classical Archaeology about their experiences of starting a new chapter in life. Explore with them how the transition from a PhD candidate to a postdoctoral employee in and beyond academia feels like and learn about their personal reasons for embarking on certain career paths (and not on others). Listen in when Faime and Dominik explain why finding a suitable position may take time and share how they envision their professional futures. This episode was written and produced by Ninja Bumann, Aayu KC, Giorgia Zogu, Nadine Riegler, edited by Nadine Riegler, and hosted by Aayu KC. Special thanks go out to our guests, Faime Alpagu and Dominik Hagmann. More about Doctor it!

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