Doctor it! Episode 12 – Time to write

Podcast: Doctor it!

Erschienen: 04.06.2023
Dauer: 34:14

“Don’t forget to write your thesis!” – In this episode of “Doctor it!”, our guests Timo Aava, doctoral candidate in East European History, and Sophie Minihold from the Department of Communication share their experiences with the final boss of any PhD-journey: the thesis. The thrills and troubles of academic writing, the benefits of peer exchange and support during this – supposedly – lonely task, and when to find time for focused writing are just some of the topics they touch upon. Our host, Rasmus Wardemann, asks Timo and Sophie where and when they found a starting point (as it turns out: at very different moments of their PhD) and discusses with them the differences between taking notes and doing writing. Learn about the painful step of deleting text and what to do when things just don’t seem to go right at all. One idea, you’ll find out, is joining – or even organising – a writing retreat. What monasteries, mineral water, and forest sounds have to do with writing a dissertation: all of this and more in Episode 12 of Doctor it! Websites mentioned in the episode:myNoiseSummer School organised by the DSHCS, August 2021 This episode was written and produced by Angelika Hudler, Maximilian Brockhaus, Martin Pokorny, Rasmus Wardemann and Giorgia Zogu, edited by Martin Pokorny and hosted by Rasmus Wardemann. Special thanks go out to our guests, Timo Aava and Sophie Minihold. More about Doctor it!

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