Doctor it! Episode 5 – Getting abroad

Podcast: Doctor it!

Erschienen: 02.11.2022
Dauer: 33:22

In the first episode after the summer break, “Doctor it!” explores how to organise, realise and make the most of a research stay abroad. Joining us this time are Eline Castelijns from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and Aleksandar Ranković from the Department of Contemporary History. With our host, Rasmus Wardemann, they talk about how they ended up in Slovenia and Zambia respectively and delve into their personal odyssey of getting funded. Listen in when Aleksandar and Eline explain how they brought together their roles as researchers and social human beings in new environments and how they both relied on the support from local people. Find out about lively LGBTQ history in Yugoslavia and land grabbing in southern Africa, learn about the fear of missing out key moments during your stay and understand why it’s normal that researchers only realise the value of their findings when they are back home. This episode was written and produced by Maximilian Brockhaus, Angelina Illes, Giorgia Zogu, Aayu KC and Ninja Bumann, edited by Martin Pokorny and Nadine Riegler, and hosted by Rasmus Wardemann. Special thanks go out to our guests, Eline Castelijns and Aleksandar Ranković.

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