Doctor it! Episode 6 – Overcoming setbacks as a PhD

Podcast: Doctor it!

Erschienen: 30.11.2022
Dauer: 34:26

COVID-19 led to frustration among many PhDs. Archives were closed, summer schools got postponed and small talk at online conferences turned out to be a truly difficult task. In episode 6 of “Doctor it!”, our host Aayu KC is asking whether and how setbacks can nevertheless be seen as an opportunity to grow. She talks to Angelina Illes from the Department of Art History and Martin Pokorny, doctoral candidate from Sociology, about how the pandemic affected them and their research. Together, they explore the feeling of stuckness and share their experiences with communication difficulties and changing circumstances. Listen in when Angelina and Martin talk about how they learned to respect other peoples’ and their own boundaries and find out what waiting around for an Avril Lavigne concert has to do with doing a PhD during a pandemic. Our guests’ advice on overcoming setbacks: be brave, creative and more punk! This episode was written and produced by Angelina Illes, Aayu KC, Nadine Riegler, Bernd Ströhm, Rasmus Wardemann, and Giorgia Zogu, edited by Martin Pokorny and Nadine Riegler, and hosted by Aayu KC. Special thanks go out to our guests, Martin Pokorny and Angelina Illes.

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