Germany in 1200 Medieval Faith

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Erschienen: 28.07.2022
Dauer: 26:36

Way back when, in Episode 30 we identified three drivers of the Investiture Controversy. These were: the conflict between the emperor and the princes, the conflict of the emperor with the popes and the rise and rise of piety amongst the lay people. These last 38 episodes we did talk at length about the how the princes established their own territorial lordships against the imperial central power and man did we talk about the conflict between popes and emperors. But that third element we only touched in passing. We covered the Paterna uprising in Milan and later the emergence of the scholastic method, the role of Bernhard of Clairvaux and the crusading movement. But that did not mean at all that lay piety had gone away. Absolutely not. It was the most crucial development in what Jacques le Goff called the “Birth of Europe”. Now is the time to talk about it in context. As always, this episode has a dedicated website with the transcript and maps, pictures and additional comments to read along. It is to be found at The music for the show is Flute Sonata in E-flat major, H.545 by Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach (or some claim it as BWV 1031 Johann Sebastian Bach) performed and arranged by Michel Rondeau under Common Creative Licence 3.0. As always: Homepage with maps, photos, transcripts and blog: Facebook: @HOTGPod Twitter: @germanshistory Instagram: history_of_the_germans Reddit: u/historyofthegermans Patreon:

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