To Catch a King

Podcast: History of the Germans

Erschienen: 14.08.2022
Dauer: 27:50

There is one story from the Middle Ages that most people know, the imprisonment and ransom of King Richard the Lionheart of England. The chivalric knight and hero of the Third Crusade is cowardly set upon by a gallery of villains, his brother, John Lackland, the King of France, Phillippe Auguste and the moneygrabbing emperor Henry VI, ably asssited by duke Leopold of Austria. We will look at this story from Henry VI. perspective which make Richard look a lot less compelling. And we throw in one more great story - the birth of an emperor in a tent in the centre of a town witnessed by the matrons of the town.... The music for the show is Flute Sonata in E-flat major, H.545 by Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach (or some claim it as BWV 1031 Johann Sebastian Bach) performed and arranged by Michel Rondeau under Common Creative Licence 3.0. As always: Homepage with maps, photos, transcripts and blog: Facebook: @HOTGPod Twitter: @germanshistory Instagram: history_of_the_germans Reddit: u/historyofthegermans Patreon:

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