Ep. 12: Paving the Way for a Global Plastics Treaty

Eight years after first flagging plastics as an i…

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Erschienen: 14.03.2022
Dauer: 00:30:13

Eight years after first flagging plastics as an issue, the United Nations Environment Assembly met in March 2022 for a historic decision. Delegates from more than 170 nations agreed on a mandate to put together a legally binding global plastics treaty within the next two years. Despite some lobbying against it behind the scenes, the draft for a strong resolution prevailed with just a few cuts. The treaty can now cover plastic pollution across the full lifecycle of the material, from production to consumption and disposal. Learn more about the path that led up to this landmark decision from Brooke Bauman, who hosts this episode of Plastisphere. She explores the concept of waste colonialism and compares the impacts of recycling and incineration in conversation with Alexis McGivern and Claire Arkin of GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives). Transcript with videos, links and photos from Kenya by James Wakibia: https://anjakrieger.com/plastisphere/2022/03/12/transcript-ep12-plastics-treaty/ Plastisphere is a research podcast by Anja Krieger. Brooke Bauman reported this episode, based on episode 3 of her “Guilty Plastics” series: Go to https://soundcloud.com/guiltyplastics to hear more. You can support our production via www.plastisphere.earth/support/ Guest voices: Alexis McGivern, Claire Arkin Thanks to: Kevin Fisher, Nils Simon, Karen Raubenheimer, Baldeep Kaur Grewal, Eva Vander Giessen, Tridibesh Dey, Luisa Beck, Inés Blaesius Subscribe: www.plastisphere.earth
 Music: Dorian Roy and Blue Dot Sessions www.sessions.blue/ Cover art: Maren von Stockhausen

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