Guest Episode - The Indisposable Podcast: The Story of Plastic

A new guest episode to inspire your ears, mind an…

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Erschienen: 04.03.2023
Dauer: 00:41:36

A new guest episode to inspire your ears, mind and heart, kindly shared by Upstream. Plastic pollution is not just a waste issue. It starts with production, continues during use, and in the end, a lot of it ends up dumped or in the environment. But the problems plastics cause from production to disposal are not distributed equally. They impact some communities more than others, especially those already at a disadvantage and with little political power. One of the people fighting this environmental injustice is Tiza Mafira. She’s a lawyer and environmental activist from Jakarta, Indonesia, and one of the heroes of the documentary “The Story of Plastic”. She recently met up with Matt Prindiville on The Indisposable Podcast, a show produced by Upstream, a US-based non-profit. Hope you enjoy their conversation as much as I did! About Upstream: Upstream is a US-based non-profit organization that sparks innovative solutions to plastic pollution by helping people, businesses and communities shift from single-use to reuse. They are conveners, content creators and curators, and solutions ideators – all in the interest of helping to advance a new reuse economy. Some of their offerings include several networks and forums for policymakers, activists, and businesses; Chart Reuse – a first-in-industry foodware reuse analytics platform - and the Annual Reuse Awards, The Reusies®, live and streaming online on June 7, 2023. Learn more at,, and Link to the episode page Mentions and links: Tiza Mafira: Plastic Bag Diet Movement: The Story of Plastic Doc Stiv Wilson: Break Free from Plastic: BFFP Brand Audits: Froilan "Froi" Grate: Plastic Island Doc PR3 with Amy Larkin: Algramo:

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