Listening Session with Baldeep Kaur

Baldeep Kaur is a doctoral fellow at the Universi…

Podcast: Plastisphere

Erschienen: 17.03.2023
Dauer: 00:32:08

Baldeep Kaur is a doctoral fellow at the University of Potsdam, studying the afterlives of discarded colonial technologies. Last November, they invited Plastisphere creator Anja Krieger to a live listening session at the Minor Cosmopolitan Assembly, an event organized by the research training group with the same name. Together with the audience, Baldeep and Anja listened to and discussed short excerpts from the podcast's episodes, each highlighting a different dimension of human relationships with plastics at various stages of their life-cycles. Hear more about the production process and behind-the-scenes research stories from both sides, that of the podcast producer and that of the listener. Recorded November 12, 2022, at Silent Green in Wedding, Berlin, Germany Note: The original recording was 85 minutes, this is a 30 minute edited version. More about Baldeep: More about Minor Cosmopolitanisms: More Plastisphere excerpts (event page): Music: Dorian Roy (Theme), Blue Dot Sessions (Excerpts) Literature mentioned: - "Pollution is Colonialism" by Max Liboiron of CLEAR lab: - "Wasteocene" by Marco Armiero: Special thanks to - Sofia Varino for co-organizing the event. - Yael Attia and Kathleen Samson for setting up the recording. Check out their own podcast, Minor Constellations:

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