62 Hurra Hurra x Laura Drouet

ein Designpodcast der BURG

Podcast: Hurra Hurra – ein Designpodcast der BURG

Erschienen: 08.05.2023
Dauer: 00:43:04

If we want to survive on the planet that we've made nearly impossible to live on, we will need partnerships with others that are not humans. In this episode, Laura Drouet (@laura_drouet), co-founder of d-o-t-s (@we_are_dots), talks about their work and the process of creating the manifesto of phyto-centered design, which involves understanding and collaborating with plant life. Their current exhibition "Plant Fever" and the upcoming summer school in Schloss Pillnitz explore the relationship between design and the natural world. The summer school covers topics such as the impact of avocados on Mexico, weaving with nettle, and making music for plants to grow. The studio aims to raise awareness against monocultures and a capitalist system while promoting a rural and holistic approach to design.

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