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The {Urban Political} delves into contemporary urban issues with activists, scholars and policy-makers from around the world. Providing informed views, state of the art knowledge and unusual insights, the podcast aims to advance our understanding of urban environments and how we might make them more just and democratic. The {Urban Political} provides a new forum for reflection on bridging urban activism and scholarship, where regular features offer snapshots of pressing issues and new publications, allowing multiple voices of scholars and activists to enter into a transnational debate directly.

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Book Review Roundtable: Fragments of the City: Making and Remaking Urban Worlds

Author Colin McFarlane and his Critics

In this episode moderated by Nitin Bathla, the author Colin McFarlane discusses his recent book Fragments of the City with the critics Theresa Enright, Tatiana Thieme, and Kevin Ward. In analyzing the main arguments of the book, Theresa discusses the role of aesthetics in imagining, sensing, and learning the urban fragments, and the ambivalence of density in how it enables and disables certain kinds of politics. She questions Colin about the distinctiveness of art as a means to engage and politicize fragments, and how can we think about the relationships between fragment urbanism, density and the urban political across varied contexts. Tatiana analyses how the book journeys across a range of temporal scales of knowing fragments from its etymology to autobiographical experiences of underserved neighborhoods and of toilet and sanitation politics. She questions Colin about methodological dilemmas of walking across different fragments and his relationality to different field sites, the worlds of work, and divergent politics of the city. Lastly, Kevin discusses about provocative ways in which the book renders cities comparable that are ontological, epistemological and profoundly political, and the uncertainty of knowing the urban. He questions Colin of about the work that needs to be done in connecting wholes and fragments and about the need for widening the repertoire of people who are involved in those conversations. In closing the episode, Colin talks about the value of pushing conventional forms of writing and embracing the experimental forms of writing in fragments in both form and content to make sense of the broken urban worlds.

Erschienen: 01.06.2022
Dauer: 01:26:12

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Racism and Social Mix

Roundtable with Javier Ruiz-Tagle, Julie Chamberlain, Martine August, and Moritz Rinn

Social mix has become a central planning discourse worldwide to address urban inequalities and segregation as key urban problems of the 21st century. Far from being benevolent, the discourse of social mix and its related implementations are subjected to a fundamental critique highlighting racist underpinnings and consequences in targeted neighborhoods. The conversation draws on insights from Canada, Chile, Germany, and the US. Kudos for this important discussion to guest editor Julie Chamberlain!

Erschienen: 08.05.2022
Dauer: 01:14:48

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Racism and Social Mix"

Community and Commons (Urban Concepts)

Louis Volont and Thijs Lijster discuss with Talja Blokland

In this first episode of the Urban Concept series, Louis Volont (MIT, Boston) and Thijs Lijster (University of Groningen) discuss with Talja Blokland (Humboldt University, Berlin) the concepts of community and commons and consider implications for urban research and action. The series introduces key urban concepts and reflects on their relevance in the fields of theory, research and politics.

Erschienen: 31.03.2022
Dauer: 01:10:36

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Community and Commons (Urban Concepts)"

Ukrainian Cities at War

with Michael Gentile, Tatiana Zhurzhenko and Vlad Mykhnenko

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Erschienen: 02.03.2022
Dauer: 01:16:30

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Ukrainian Cities at War"

Troubling Graffiti and Street Art

A conversation with Emma Arnold, Jeff Ross, and John Lennon

What do graffiti and street art do? This is the key question of the intriguing podcast conversation among Emma Arnold, Jeff Ross, and John Lennon. While we learn about the unruly and disruptive features of graffiti in urban space, our guests also trouble its effects by asking questions about its relation to gentrification, racialized capitalism and right-wing media strategy. Highlighting geographical variation, the conversation covers the political regulation of graffiti and street art in the US, Scandinavia, Cairo, and Beirut.

Erschienen: 24.01.2022
Dauer: 01:14:04

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Housing Expropriation Referendum in Berlin: How it was won and what comes next?

Updates from Andrej Holm and Joanna Kusiak

On the 26th of September over million Berliners voted to expropriate and return to public ownership over 200,000 homes in the city. Deutsche Wohnen und Co Enteignen targeted a number of large real estate companies in Berlin that had control of what had previously been social housing stock. The referendum is not legally binding, requiring the support of the governing parties in the Berlin parliament, who are now tasked with legislating on the issue. The composition of the governing coalition has yet to be determined, although it is clear that the Social Democrats will lead, having emerged as the largest party in the elections on the same as the referendum. This podcast examines the background to this historic victory and considers the implications for housing politics in Berlin and beyond. We remind ourselves what the campaign was about, we look at what happened, what might happen next and the likely challenges in store. We also consider the wider implications of the Berlin case. We are very happy to welcome back two guests from previous podcasts on the subject, Joanna Kusiak and Andrej Holm.

Erschienen: 01.10.2021
Dauer: 00:40:52

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Housing Expropriation Referendum in Berlin: How it was won and what comes next?"

Urban Political Special: RC21 Conference Antwerp

In this episode we give you exclusive insights into the RC21 conference 2021 Antwerp. Our guests share their experiences from sessions, keynotes, and discussions on this year's main theme of 'Sensing and Shaping the City'.

Erschienen: 20.07.2021
Dauer: 00:57:51

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Urban Political Special: RC21 Conference Antwerp"

Housing Commons & Collectives: European & US Perspectives

After discussing expropriation efforts in Berlin recently, this episode will widen the discussion of housing commons to perspectives, differences, and potentials in Europe and the US.

Erschienen: 02.07.2021
Dauer: 01:28:53

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Housing Commons & Collectives: European & US Perspectives"

Decolonize/Decenter: Planning in the South

‘How can academic research be of service to envisioning alternative planning agendas that reflect the realities of the so-called Global South?’ is the central question that our guest host Inhji Jon stresses in this episode.

Erschienen: 18.06.2021
Dauer: 01:20:55

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Decolonize/Decenter: Planning in the South"

Green Cities and Contemporary Climate Planning: Politics and Practices

Green cities and green infrastructure have become common planning practices. But why is nature good and how does green matter? Do all people have equal access to nature, or are some left out of contemporary climate planning?

Erschienen: 03.06.2021
Dauer: 00:51:48

Podcast-Webseite: Episode "Green Cities and Contemporary Climate Planning: Politics and Practices"

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